Angela Cleland, Operations Manager, Mornington Peninsula Tourism (MPT), spoke to our members about the financial and cultural importance of tourist and visitoris to the region.  Tourism on the peninsula has been very seasonal with most people coming in the summer time, December to end of January.  However, due to promotion of the peninsula by MPT and Tourism Victoria, this has expanded over the years to almost all year round visitation. The income brought into the community by these visitors and tourists is of great financial importance to direct tourism businesses and also those who are part of the flow on effect.   Accommodation, restaurants and cafes, vineyards and cellar doors, galleries and craft shops and of course golf, also beaches, the bay, walks and so much more.  This as well, of course, enhances the cutural fabric of the peninsula.  The  income has also been of importance to give our local community the many facilities and services enjoyed by residents.