Our members work hard for the local community, and providing generous assistance to local and International Rotary projects.


Welcome to our Club

The Rotary Club of Sorrento is based in District 9820, which embraces the Mornington Peninsula and includes Frankston, Westernport and Gippsland. The Sorrento Rotary Club was admitted to Rotary International in 1961, and currently has 40 members. Usually meeting at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, at 6.00 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month, however, check the latest bulletin to confirm meeting venues and times

Sorrento is a small resort town, located at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula, and is approximately 80 kilometres directly to the south of Melbourne. The first settlement was established in Sorrento in the State of Victoria by the British Government in 1803. The town has a permanent population of approximately 3000 people, however, this swells to some 30,000 people during the peak holiday period, which runs from Christmas to Easter each year. The ocean beach, facing Bass Strait, is popular with the surfing fraternity and the bay side beach is very busy with sailing, recreational boating, swimming and walking during the holiday season. Interestingly, It is home to unique bottle-nosed Dolphins species drawing increasing numbers of tourists and visitors, as well as the locals, who love the mammals in their bay.

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Despite the almost perpetual holiday atmosphere in Sorrento, the Rotary Club of Sorrento members work hard for the local community, providing generous assistance to local and International Rotary projects, both financially and practically. The club is always ready to welcome visitors and new members to the club.

The members of the club, all volunteers, are local business and professional people, retirees, either semi or fulltime, both men and women, consistent with its Charter, and that of Rotary International, the club provides financial and in-kind support for local, district and international projects.

The club has raised more than $120,000 in 2022 – the Sports Lunch being the most significant fund raising event, next is the annual Sorrento Art Show, now in its 39th year, followed by the annual Charity Golf Day, Sausage sizzles at Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento, Portsea Swim Classic, Twin Bays Fun Run and the inaugural Point Nepean Motor Show. These activities are important financially, giving club members the opportunity to be involved in community activities. Distribution of funds raised are mainly given to the local community, some national and international Rotary activities.

The club has provided significant financial support for international projects such as Polio Plus aimed at eliminating polio; Interplast, which provides medical services overseas in conjunction with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Our club contributes to Rotary District 9820 projects such as Donations in Kind, sending goods and labour to needy countries.

Locally, the club has provided substantial financial support to the Sorrento Community Centre, Sorrento Life Saving Club, community BBQ shelte, a new “heritage” style rotunda in the Sorrento Park, in conjunction with the Mornington Peninsula Shire. Heritage projects – renovation of the Sorrento Rotunda, relocation and renovation of the historical Watts’ Cottage, an early settlers’ wattle and daub cottage (built 1869-70) adjacent to the Nepean Historic Society Museum, restoration of the historic rail station.

We support groups and projects such as, the two Sorrento Primary Schools, Rosebud Secondary School, Chisholm TAFE, for mature age scholarships, Portsea Life Saving Club, Sorrento Cricket and Football Club, SES and CFA and projects, such as Food for All, Cancer Support Group, Wheelchairs for Kids, Light Up Autism and Riding for the Disabled.

Overall, Sorrento Rotary Club Inc. endeavours to meet its obligations as a Member of the Family of Rotary Clubs internationally, and does this through these and other numerous fundraising events.

Club Directory

The Rotary Club of Sorrento has five avenues of Service available for members to volunteer their time and efforts in projects that benefit the local and international community and provide recognition of Rotary, in particular, those projects which can provide long term benefits through the amenities and facilities for use of the community. Local projects to provide new community facilities/amenities are not a regular annual feature as they usually involve large funding commitments and normally require complex submissions to the Shire authority to obtain permission to undertake works. The club since its inception has been successful in gaining approval and undertaking significant projects in Sorrento. International projects are usually coordinated in conjunction with another Rotary club internationally, other organisations and Rotary International through the Rotary Foundation.

Public Relations

• The Rotary Club of Sorrento designs any required promotional/collateral material, coordinates/administers website and Facebook  and oversees public relations  and promotional programs.

• Supports Directors and Chairs of Committees to develop and maintain club public relations to promote the club within, and  to the community,  and represent the projects and purpose of Rotary.

• To convey and maintain positive image to the public.

• Encourages the submission of news articles and photos from club membership.


Goals of the Rotary Club of Sorrento

  • To assist members of the local communities in gaining and completing secondary and tertiary education for gainful employment.


  • To encourage people to complete/further their studies at TAFES or other certificated employment agencies.
  • To enhance self-worth through education, employment and community involvement for those who may otherwise be marginalised

The Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation

The Rotary Club of Sorrento supports an initiative called Southern Peninsula Connect (SMP). The program recognises the high number of long term unemployed and adult learners who are unable to gain  vocational education and who live in the Mornington Peninsula region.

Currently we assist six young adults to gain secondary and further education through the SMP.

Rosebud Secondary College

An established scholarship program, funded for four students valued at $500 each, is offered yearly. The scholarships are allocated to a student from Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, and Year 11.

Dromana Secondary College:

An established scholarship funded for four students valued at $500 each is offered yearly. The scholarships are allocated to a student from from Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11. The focus for each award at Dromana SC is for students who are beginning  or continuing their subject choices in STEAM subjects. ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Maths).

NB  All scholarship money for each awardee, both at Primary and Secondary levels is paid directly to the student’s account at the school they attend to assist educational expenses for the following year.

Young Achievement Australia (YAA) Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

  • Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment (RYPEN)
  • Youth Exchange with over 13 students being hosted in and out of Australia
  • Annual Scholarships are given for talented Young and Mature aged Students in difficult circumstances through different organisations
Community Services

Community services routinely  undertakes support for fund raising activities for both the club and other organisations annually.

Community services also over the years have managed numerous projects to provide long lasting infrastructure improvements in the Community and Local Primary Schools The current project for 22/23 is funding the provision of a school / community bus.

Current annual support activities in fund raising are:

  • Raising funds for Legacy through the sales of badges and other merchandise
  • In May each year collecting over two weekends for  the Salvation Army Red Shield
  • From September to May weather permitting running a Community Sausage Sizzle every Saturday outside the Commonwealth Bank on Ocean Beach Road. Also in January providing the same BBQ service at Cape Schank for the Two Bays Fun Run and the Portsea Surf Life Saving Club Portsea Swin Classic at Point Nepean.
  • Working with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and not for profit organisations.

A robust fund raising program is essential to the ongoing sustainability and success of the RCS.

The key objective of the Fund Raising Committee is to generate sufficient monies to enable the RCS to execute its agreed activity program both internationally and locally

Fund raising initiatives are inclusive of all members not only for manpower but in recognition that participation is rewarding and provides great fellowship opportunities.

Key activities include the Sports Lunch,  Annual Art Show,  Charity Golf Day inaugural Point Nepean Motor Show and the main street sausage sizzles;  all of which provide visibility and promotion of the Rotary Club of Sorrento and Rotary International.

New Generations


To assist youngsters within the local and wider community in creative and monetary manner.


To encourage and support youth in becoming active in community opportunities to enhance their personal wellbeing and citizenship values.

Major education projects of the Rotary Club of Sorrento are:

Rotary Club of Sorrento Annual Scholarship Awards

The Rotary Club of Sorrento annually award scholarships and prizes to one year 6 student at Sorrento Primary School and one year 6 student at St Joseph’s School, Sorrento. These scholarships, decided through an interview process by members of the Rotary club, are given to the promising students to assist with their secondary school education costs.  The Club also provides three other monetary awards for year 6 students from both schools,  to contribute towards uniform or books  for their secondary school education.

This association with the two schools is recognised as significant by the members of the  club as  part of the ongoing relationship with the schools and local community involvement.

Our History

The club was chartered on the 15th September 1961, by the RC of Rosebud, the first President being Ed Johnston.

The club has a current membership of over 40 members whose ages range from 50 plus. Members represent a wide range of vocations and businesses, and work or live in or around the Sorrento area.

Since being chartered the Club has been involved and worked on a number of local projects, providing support in the areas of:

  • Chopping wood and working bees for the community
  • 1st Rotunda built at the Sorrento Back Beach
  • Relocation and renovation of Watts Cottage
  • Sorrento Park Drinking Fountain and Rotunda
  • BBQ at Hughes Rd
  • Restoration of the Police Point Cottages
  • Sorrento Community Centre
  • Restoration of the historic sorrento railway station

As a club an alliance has been fostered with the local schools;

  • St Josephs Primary School
  • Sorrento primary School
  • Rosebud Secondary College
  • In 2015 defibrillators were presentws to Sorrento Primary and St Joseph
  • In 2016 finance for a kitchen to be installed into Sorrento Primary School


    Join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month @ 6:00pm at the
    Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron for a dinner meeting.

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    The Rotary Club of Sorrento runs many major and smaller events that benefit the community.

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    For any enquiries about our organisation, please get in touch, We would love to hear from you.

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    PO Box 58, Sorrento VIC 3943


    For more info on membership contact Ray Davies on 0411 224 259  or click the link below.

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